Colegiul Național “Diaconovici – Tietz” Reșița, Caraș-Severin, Romania;

National Colegium “Diaconovici-Tietz” Reșița, is the oldest school in the city Reșița, Caraș-Severin County, SV of Romania, it was established in 1877. In 2020/2021 school years National Colegium “Diaconovici-Tietz” is structured on three levels of primary-175/ gymnasium-126, secondary-327, with a number of 628 students, grades I-XII. The student are aged between 6/7 and 17/18 years. Teaching classes are in Romanian and German mother tongue (I-XII) . Number of teachers is 42. School, secondary level, prepares the theoretical specializations: Real Math-Intensive IT, Philology Intensive-English and Biological Sciences and Chemistry, the English and IT intensiv classes, ends with a Certified specialist. For preserve German identity we have a good partnerships and collaborations with The Democratic Forum of Germans and The German Library “Alexander Tietz” with following projects: “Decade of German Culture”, “Fasching Fest”, “The German Literature Days”, „German garb parade”; Since 2008-2012 and
2019-2022 we obtained “The Cetificate of European School
“. Since 1999 our school has a great tradition in the development of European projects, Comenius and Erasmus +, having partners from Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Italy. In the last four years we have been partners in 2 Erasmus + projects: ”Patterns of Life – From a Different Past to a Common Future” 2015-2017 with partners from Italy, Austria, Poland and “Learning in Plurality” 2018-2020, with partners from Italy, Germany and Austria. In 2017 we obtained, in Roumania, the first prize at the Contest “ Made for Europe”. We have a great experience in the implementation of national, regional and local projects : “Open doors day”, “The Decade of Multiculturality“, “Human rights, my rights”, ” May 9th -Europe Day”.


prof. Silvia Nicolăescu-headmaster;

prof. Florica Molnar-school coordinator;




Adres: Mihai Viteazu Street Nr.34, 320050, Reșița;