Caraș-Severin-Reșița-Romania ;

Location: Caraș-Severin County (Mountain Banat) is situated in the South-West of Romania. The South-West border is with Serbia, whereas in the South there is the Danube.

Size: a total area of 8514 km2. It consists of 2 main cities : Reșița, Caransebeș, 6 towns, 69 large villages and 188 smaller ones.

Population: it has 295.579, 9 ethnic groupe live heare: Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, Croatians, Serbians, Czechians, Slovakians, Ukrainians, Rommani;

The administration town is Resita. https://urlzs.com/EXt2n

Historic: Banatul Mountain in Ancient Times it was part of the Dacian Kingdom, then it was integrated from the Roman Empire, in province of Dacia; In the Middle Ages it was a region of contact and trade routes between Transylvania, the Kingdom of Hungary and Wallachia, for 152 years it was organized as ottoman province, Pashalic de Timișoara, under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. In 1718, following the Peace of Passarowitz, Banat came under the administration of the Habsburg Empire. In 1769, the Metallurgical Plants were opened in Resita, and in 1771 the first blast furnaces on the Romanian territory were put into operation. In 1817, the first built Theater in south-eastern Europe was inaugurated in Oravita, as well as the Wienner Theater. In 1872 the first steam locomotive was built at Resita.

Tourist attractions: 1. Locomotive Museum, Reșița; 2. Beușnița Watherfall; 3. ”Mihai Eminescu” Theater Oravița; 4. Water Mill Complex, Eftimie Murgu; 5.Băile Herculane-Thermal Wather; 6. ”Poiana Mărului” Monastery; 7. ”Decebal Rex Dacie”;