Istituto di istruzione secondaria di II grado”Gandhi”, Merano, South Tirol, Italy;

The Istituto di istruzione secondaria di II grado “Gandhi”, Merano, (I.I.S.S. “Gandhi”) is an upper secondary school in Merano, South Tirol/Italy. It includes 6 different lines specializing in classical and modern languages, human sciences, science, applied sciences and business, all involving five years of attendance. The school is attended by 680 students, of 14-19 years of age, divided into 36 classes, including a night school class in the business line, aimed at adults and working students. Among our students, 11,85% are special need learners (18 of whom have an individualized education program), and 3,5% have a recent migration background. The school employs 95 teachers and non-teaching staff of 26 members. The purposes of our school are set to satisfy the educational and cultural needs of our community, located in Merano, a 40.000 inhabitants city in South Tirol, the tree-lingual mountainous area in the north of Italy, sharing borders with Austria and Switzerland, that has been a popular international tourist destination for many years. Besides the learning goals specific to each of our school lines, our school endeavors to strengthen the attention to our pupils as persons, to their educational success, their maturation, and their psycho-physical well-being; to focus on them as active and aware citizens who are respectful of the environment, in connection to their land and to the world of work, multilingual and open to Europe and the world, with a large and substantive cultural heritage and a conscious approach to scientific and technological culture. In addition to the syllabus, our school is engaged in a series of different projects in the following areas: health and environmental education, active citizenship, intercultural education, the world of work, proficiency in foreign languages, science laboratory, information and communication technology, creative writing and theater pedagogy. We strongly believe that the fundamental tasks of the school are to make our students able to understand change from an anthropological, historical and geographical point of view; to help them place their personal experience into a system of rules based on mutual recognition of the rights, as well as to encourage them to actively engage for the protection of the person, the community and the environment, promoting the values of equal opportunities, solidarity, and volunteering. To reach these goals the following issues are enhanced: the respect of the environment, the protection of human rights, the fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution, the common values of Europe and the European integration process, the main trends in contemporary history (local, national, European and worldwide), and digital citizenship. The school also promotes the strengthening of competences in the mother tongue, and the proficiency in foreign languages, as well as the integration of students from a migrant background and the respect and maintenance of their cultures of origin.

Riccardo Aliprandini-headmaster;

Lidia Fallai – School Coordinator;


Adress: Via Karl Wolf 38, Merano;

Telephone: +39473203071/+39473203058